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Panic uses the power of music and dance to celebrate joy, to express grief, and to share passionate feelings.

The characters in the book dance throughout, and dance changes them, helps them, heals them.

I have included two videos here--the first (Compilation) includes short clips of several of the dances in the book--not the full dances, but enough to give you a feel for what they might have looked like.

The second one (Faith) is the last scene in the book, when Diamond returns to the studio and dances her heartbreak with Miss Ginger, who gives her hope.

The complete list of songs mentioned in the book is printed in the very back of the novel. Feel free to make your own CD. And create your own dances. Dance is joy.

Extra Info--The Compilation clip is eight minutes long. Here is a breakdown of the pieces and the chapters in Panic where the dance descriptions can be found:

  1. Tic Toc Crock - Chapter 25: Zizi's improv of the crocodile and Captain Hook

  2. Heaven and Earth - Chapter 28: Miss Ginger dances for Layla, showing the power of self-worth

  3. Boom Boom Pow - Chapter 12: Justin does a powerful B-Boy solo dance on stage

  4. Everybody Hurts - Chapter 25: Mercedes dances her pain and confusion about Diamond's disappearance

  5. Sister - Chapter 25: Jillian dances about friendship that is powerful and lasting

  6. Bluebird - Chapter 27: Diamond dreams of dances that sing of torn and rusted wings, songs of escape