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Snail Mail Sharon Draper

Dear Students and Teachers, I'm really sorry, but the snail mail box is temporarily closed! Please don't send student letters as they cannot be responded to at this time.

Sharon M. Draper

Snail Mail Address:
Sharon M. Draper
PO Box 36551
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Info on Video Visits

I'm so glad the students are enjoying the books. Even though I have the technology, and I receive lots of requests to Skype, I am NOT available for video visits. Let me explain. I spend so much time away from home that when I'm there, I just want to be me. Not teacher or author. Just a lady in her jammies who needs to do the dishes and and put a load of clothes in the washer and run to the grocery store--and write! I really need that time to myself, and I simply don't want to share it with students while I'm at home. I hope you understand. Of course, I have a feeling I'll have to join the future sooner or later, but for now, I'm going to sip my coffee all alone. :-) Thanks for reaching out for your students. Please give them my best.