Sassy #2
The Birthday Storm
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We're really sorry, but this one is temporarily out of print. It is available in paperback, however, through the Scholastic book fairs.

Study Guide:
Discussion Topics

Chapter 1 -Digging for Pink

  1. Describe Sassy's closet.

  2. What do you learn about Sassy and her older sister as they search for her swimming suit?

  3. Why does Sassy think her pink ribbon is lucky?

  4. Describe her "Sassy Sack."

  5. Where did she get it and why is it special to her?

  6. What kind of relationship does Sassy have with her brother?

  7. What outfit does Sassy decide to wear and why?

    8-9-10. If you read all of Chapter One, you'll see a description of Sassy and her siblings. Write a description or draw a picture of Sassy, Sadora, and Sabin.

Chapter 2 -Hurry up and Wait

  1. Where is the family headed and why?

  2. What is a tropical depression?

  3. What does their father tell the children about the possibility of a hurricane?

  4. Why does Sassy have to sit in the middle of the back seat?

  5. Describe the five categories of hurricanes.

  6. Describe the family as they walk from the parking garage.

  7. Why do you think Sassy spends so much time describing what her family is wearing.?

  8. How can you tell that Sassy and her family are very close?

  9. What kinds of things does Sassy carry in her sack?

  10. Have you ever had to wait in line for something like Sassy did? Why is it hard to wait?

Chapter 3-Crazy Security

  1. Tell what you know about airport security, or any experiences you might have had at airports.

  2. What happens when the rest of Sassy's family goes through the security scanner?

  3. Why is Sabin barefoot?

  4. What happens when Sassy tries to go through the security scanner?

  5. Why do you think she is afraid?

  6. What kind of wand does the security guard use? What kind of want is Sassy thinking about? How are they different?

  7. What happens Sassy's Sack goes through the security scanner?

  8. How do you think Sassy feels as other people go through her private stuff?

  9. How would you feel if that happened to you?

  10. Why is Sassy glad that the flight will take two hours?

Chapter 4-Up in the Air and Down Again

  1. Where does Sassy end up sitting on the plane?

  2. Describe what can be seen from outside a window on an airplane in flight.

  3. What are the plans for Grammy's birthday?

  4. Where is Grammy's party supposed to take place? Why is that a problem if the weather turns bad?

  5. What have Sabin and Sadora chosen as gifts for Grammy's birthday?

  6. What is Grammy wearing when she greets them at the airport?

  7. How does Sassy use her sack to fix her broken suitcase?

  8. What does Grammy do for a living?

  9. What is the weather like in Florida when they arrive?

  10. What does Grammy tell them is coming very soon?

Chapter 5-Warm Sand and Cool Water

  1. How does Sassy feel about the possibility of a hurricane coming?

  2. What does Grammy say about her birthday?

  3. Describe Grammy's house from the outside, and on the inside.

  4. What does Poppy look like?

  5. Describe the scene as they walk down to the beach? What is the weather like?

  6. Tell about a vacation that you have taken.

  7. How does your vacation compare to Sassy's day on the beach with her family?

  8. Describe how the scene on the beach changes as it moves from day to night.

  9. How does Sassy start a fire?

  10. What can you tell about Sassy and how she uses her sack?

Chapter 6-Beach Secrets and Surprises

  1. From their early morning conversation, how can you tell that Sassy and Grammy are very close?

  2. Re-tell the story of how Sassy's grandparents met and fell in love.

  3. Describe the beauty of the beach through Sassy's eyes as she walks with Grammy.

  4. How does Grammy explain where shells come from?

  5. How does Grammy know they have discovered a sea turtle nest?

  6. How do they mark the nest so it can be found and made safe?

  7. Describe the family breakfast that morning.

  8. What are the plans for Grammy's party?

  9. What does the dance between Grammy and Poppy tell you about them?

  10. Make a prediction. How will the hurricane affect Grammy's birthday celebration?

Chapter 7-Getting Ready for the Storm

  1. Give an example of how you've seen weather forecasters report during a weather emergency.

  2. Grammy's house is made of stone. Why is that a good thing during a hurricane?

  3. Sassy worried about the sea turtle nest. What could happen to the eggs during a storm?

  4. Why is the grocery store so crowded?

  5. Describe the scene at the store, or draw a picture.

  6. Why does Sassy's mother tell her microwave popcorn might not be a good idea? 7. What items do they buy to prepare for the storm? What would you buy?

  7. Describe Grammy's house when they return from the store.

  8. Why does Grammy fix such a huge dinner? Why does she let them eat all the ice cream?

  9. Who is coming the next day to help check on the sea turtle nest?

Chapter 8-Turtle Rescue Mission

  1. How does the sky and ocean look on Wednesday morning?

  2. How does Sabin describe the oncoming storm?

  3. How much can a green sea turtle weigh?

  4. Why are sea turtles having trouble finding a place to make their nests on the beach? Why are plastic bags a danger to sea turtles?

  5. What does the family take to the beach as they go to help the turtle eggs with Michael?

  6. Why does Michael tell them they must move the eggs? Why do the sea turtle eggs need to stay covered with sand at all times

  7. What do the sea turtle eggs look like? How many do they find in the nest?

  8. What items does Sassy find in her sack that help them as they work?

  9. How does Sadora react to getting really dirty?

  10. How do you think Sassy and her family feel about saving the sea turtles?

Chapter 9-The Hurricane

  1. Describe the weather on Thursday morning.

  2. Why did the family sleep in the living room on the floor?

  3. It's Grammy's birthday, and it is storming. Compare what that morning would have been like to what it turned out to be.

  4. How do you think Grammy feels about her birthday?

  5. How does their situation compare to the story of The Three Little Pigs?

  6. What does Sassy see as she looks out the window? Draw a picture.

  7. What do the birds look like? How do you think it feels to be a bird in a hurricane?

  8. What does the ocean look like during the storm? Draw a picture.

  9. What do you think would have happened to the sea turtle nest during the storm if Sassy's family had not moved it?

  10. How would you feel if you were in a storm and the lights went out?

Chapter 10-A Hurricane Birthday Party

  1. What do Sassy and Sadora and Sabin do when the lights go out?

  2. What does Grammy mean when she talks about the "music of the storm?"

  3. What song do they sing to help take away the fear?

  4. Why do you think singing is helpful?

  5. Describe all the sounds a huge storm makes.

  6. Why do the children think that a party is impossible?

  7. What did Sabin give Grammy as a gift?

  8. What did Sadora give Grammy?

  9. Why couldn't Grammy use Sabin and Sadora's gifts right away?

  10. What does Sassy give Grammy as a gift?

  11. How do you think the family feels as they sing Happy Birthday?

Chapter 11-After the Storm

  1. How have things changed when Sassy wakes up the next morning?

  2. What is the weather like when they go outside that morning?

  3. Describe what Grammy's yard looks like. Draw a picture.

  4. Make a list of all the amazing things Sassy finds in the yard.

  5. Describe what the beach looks like. Draw a picture.

  6. Describe the place where the sea turtle nest used to be.

  7. What would have happened if Sassy's family had not moved the eggs?

  8. How does the lucky pink ribbon from Sassy's sack help them find the sea turtle nest?

  9. What will happen to the sea turtle eggs in a few weeks? How does Sassy feel about that?

  10. Tell whether you think Grammy had a good birthday or not, and why.


Use the internet, or an encyclopedia, or books to find out more about the following:

  • Poem about sunsets and such

  • Describe Sassy's grandmother. Draw a picture of Grammy

  • Shells p. 45

  • Describe oncoming storm 67

  • Debris erosion

  • Like a page torn out 98

A. Information to explore and discover.

  1. Airplanes

  2. Airport security

  3. Wildlife that lives on a beach

  4. Hurricanes

  5. Preparation for hurricanes

  6. Sea turtles

  7. Sea turtle rescue organizations

  8. Swimming in the ocean

  9. Beach erosion

  10. Beach sunsets and sunrises

B. Jobs to explore:

  1. Airline pilot

  2. Airline flight attendant

  3. Airport security agent

  4. Meteorologist

  5. Animal Biologist

  6. Ecology Expert

  7. Carpenter

  8. Emergency Rescue Technician

  9. Photographer

  10. Cake designer

C. Writing activities:

  1. Write a poem about a sunset, or a sunrise on the beach.

  2. Write a story, with you as the main character, about your dream vacation. It can be real or made up.

  3. Make up a story like Grammy tells. Draw a picture of something in your story.

  4. Write a poem or story about being afraid.

  5. Write a poem about birthdays.

  6. Write a poem or story about family.

  7. Write a newspaper story about how the hurricane.

  8. Pretend you are Sassy and write a letter to your best friend about the trip to Grammy's house.

  9. Write a poem or story about a huge, scary storm.

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