Sassy #3
The Silver Secret
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We're really sorry, but this one is temporarily out of print. It is available in paperback, however, through the Scholastic book fairs.

Study Guide:
Discussion Topics

Chapter 1 -Sassy's Silver Secret

  1. Describe Sassy's singling voice.

  2. How can you tell that Jasmine and Sassy are the very best of friends?

  3. What kind of relationship does Sassy have with her brother? Explain.

  4. Describe Sassy's "Sassy Sack."

  5. Where did she get it and why is it special to her?

  6. What kind of relationship does Sassy have with her sister? Explain.

  7. Describe Sabin's dog.

  8. In chapter one, what three hints does Sassy give about her secret?

Chapter 2 -Just Hum, Sassy

  1. Why doesn't Sassy's school have a band?

  2. Why is everyone excited today?

  3. What costume will the boys wear in the show?

  4. Describe the costume the girls will wear in the show.

  5. Why is Sassy upset about the beautiful costumes?

  6. Give three examples of Sassy helping people with items from her Sassy Sack

  7. How would you feel if you could not participate in a big show?

  8. What do you think is Sassy's secret?

Chapter 3-Dinner, with Piccolo for Dessert!

  1. What is the difference between what Sabin likes to eat, what Sadora likes to eat, and what Sassy eats for dinner?

  2. Why does Mr. Sanford tell the story about the Island of Boo?

  3. What is Sassy's secret?

  4. How did Sassy get interested in the piccolo?

  5. How did she get the instrument?

  6. Why does Sassy enjoy playing the piccolo?

  7. Why is the piccolo the perfect instrument for Sassy to play?

  8. Why didn't Sassy tell her friends about learning to play the piccolo?

  9. How does Sassy describe the sound of piccolo music?

  10. Do you think Sassy chose the piccolo because it fits in her sack? Explain.

Chapter 4-Stage Manager and Spruce Ups Coming

  1. Why doesn't Sassy check the list of kids who will be in the show?

  2. What job does Sassy get in the show?

  3. What are the stage manager's responsibilities?

  4. Why does Sassy decide that being stage manager is a pretty cool job?

  5. What does Sassy really want to do in the show?

  6. Describe Sassy's key chain.

  7. Describe how Sassy's school lunchroom does recycling.

  8. Mrs. Bell announces there is good news and bad news for the students. What is the good news? What is the bad news?

  9. Why is Mr. Wood excited about the principal's announcement?

Chapter 5-Construction Woes Decorated with Music

  1. What are some of the problems that are caused by the construction?

  2. As the friends are describing the instrument they would choose to play, why does Holly choose the piano?

  3. Why does Princess choose the harp?

  4. Why does Jasmine choose the trumpet?

  5. How does Sassy finally tell her friends about her piccolo?

  6. Where does she keep the piccolo and why do the girls think that's cool?

  7. Give two reactions of Sassy's friends to her playing?

Chapter 6-Rehearsals are Fun-Sort Of

  1. What is the title of the show?

  2. What is the theme of their show and what are they trying to tell people?

  3. Give two examples of how Sassy helps people with items from her sack.

  4. Give two examples of Sassy's organization skills.

  5. What is bothering Sassy about the costumes?

  6. Describe the songs "Let's Go Green" and "Pull the Plug." What will these songs teach about saving the planet?

  7. What is planned for the finale of the show?

Chapter 7-Fire!

  1. Describe Mr. Wood's tee shirt. What does his shirt tell you about him?

  2. Why is the construction a problem to their rehearsal?

  3. Describe Bike the construction worker and compare him to Mr. Wood.

  4. What does Sassy do while the other kids practice their songs?

  5. What do the children do during each rehearsal?

  6. What interrupts Carmelita's song?

  7. How do the students react to the fire alarm and the fire?

  8. What caused the fire?

  9. Why can't the students go back into the auditorium?

  10. What does horrible discovery does Sassy make?

Chapter 8-The Sassy Sack is Missing!

  1. How do you think Sassy feels about her missing bag?

  2. Have you ever lost something really important to you? Describe how you felt.

  3. Holly tries to tell Mr. Wood about Sassy and her purse, "She's just not Sassy without it." Describe what Holly means.

  4. How does Mr. Wood react to the news that Sassy can play the piccolo?

  5. Compare the reactions of the parents and the reactions of the students to the fire.

  6. Why can't Sassy's mother go into the auditorium and get Sassy's sack?

  7. Why do you think Sassy wants to call Grammy?

  8. How does her grandmother make her feel better?

  9. Why do Sassy's grandparents plan to come and see the show, even though Sassy is not in it?

  10. Draw a picture of Sassy alone and with her sack. Or draw a picture of the sack with Sassy.

Chapter 9-Lost, and Finally Found

  1. Why is Sassy up so early the next morning?

  2. Why can't Sassy's mom fix her hair properly?

  3. Sassy says, "I feel like those eggs this morning-all scrambled and runny and broken." Explain what she means.

  4. Compare how Sassy's sister and Sassy's brother deal with the loss of her sack.

  5. Everything else seems to be where it was left the day before. How do you think Sassy feels when her sack is not there?

  6. What does Sassy think about her purse being in the lost and found box?

  7. What is a "treasure trove?"

  8. What does Sassy say and how does she feel as she is asked to describe her purse and its importance to her?

  9. Sassy says, "I listen to the songs, but they sound gray to me today instead of bright and colorful." Why do you think she says that?

  10. Where had the sack been all day? How do you think Sassy feels when she gets it back?

Chapter 10-Piccolo Lesson

  1. What does Sassy sleep with her sack beside her?

  2. Define the word "embouchure." What language does it come from?

  3. Describe Sassy's piccolo lesson.

  4. How can you tell Mrs. Rossini is a good teacher?

  5. Why does Mrs. Rossini say that Sassy is "truly gifted?"

  6. Why does Sassy invite Mrs. Rossini to the show at school?

  7. What surprises Mrs. Rossini about Sassy and her piccolo playing at school?

  8. Why do you think Sassy asks Mrs. Rossini to teach her 'What a Wonderful World'?"

  9. Make a prediction: Will Mrs. Rossini come to see Sassy's show?

  10. How does an item from Sassy's sack help Mrs. Rossini?

  11. How do you think Sassy feels as she leaves her lesson? Write one sentence to defend your answer.

Chapter 11-Secrets of the Sassy Sack

  1. When Sassy wakes up the next morning, she feels good and she feels bad. Explain what is good about the day, and explain what still bothers Sassy.

  2. Give three examples to show that Sassy is very good at the stage manager job.

  3. Make a prediction: Carmelita keeps sneezing. What do you think this means for the success of the show?
  4. What is a "dress rehearsal?"

  5. How does Sassy feel as the other kids perform their parts on stage in the costumes for the first time?

  6. Sassy says, "Cue the video." What does that mean?

  7. How can you tell Mr. Wood is a good teacher? Give a specific example.

Chapter 12-A Trip to the Mall

  1. What does Sassy admit to Jasmine as they leave school?

  2. Who surprises Sassy as she gets into her mom's car?

  3. How do you know that Sassy and her grandmother are very close?

  4. Describe her grandmother's "Grammy Bag."

  5. What kinds of items are sold at "The Green Bean?"

  6. What is unusual about the lip gloss that the girls purchase?

  7. Describe the dresses that Sassy tries on.

  8. Why does Sassy choose the yellow dress?

  9. How does Sassy help her mom when the keys are locked in the car?

  10. Make a prediction: How successful will the show be?

Chapter 13-Almost Time for the Show

  1. Throughout the book, we hear the phrase, "keep the world green." What does that mean?

  2. What do you think will happen to the planted lip gloss box? Why is that a clever idea?

  3. Make a list. What does Sassy take with her that morning as she leaves fro school?

  4. What is the difference between the shows in which Sadora usually participates and Sassy's show? How does Sassy feel about that?

  5. What do people say, "break a leg" before a show?

  6. Define the word "extravaganza."

  7. How is Carmelita feeling? What might this predict for the show?

  8. How does Sassy feel about her picture in the program?

  9. Make a list of the photos that Sassy snaps before the show.

  10. What interrupts their final rehearsal?

Chapter 14-The Silver Secret Shines

  1. How does Mr. Wood react to the construction noise?

  2. Why do you think Bike decides to come to the show?

  3. What does Sassy see as she peeks through the curtains?

  4. How does the audience react to the children in costumes and the first song?

  5. Sassy says, "Holly dances like a leaf in motion." What does that mean?

  6. What is a "finale?"

  7. Why isn't Carmelita on stage? What does she tell Sassy?

  8. How does Sassy save the show with her piccolo?

  9. Why does Sassy give her roses to Carmelita?

  10. How do you think Sassy feels as she takes her bows?


Use the internet, or an encyclopedia, or books to find out more about the following:

A. Information to explore and discover.

  1. Recycling

  2. Saving the earth and going green

  3. The gulf oil spill and its damage

  4. Eco-friendly products

  5. Organic products

  6. Energy-efficient light bulbs

  7. The piccolo in the orchestra

  8. Piccolo music

  9. School music performances

  10. School construction projects

B. Jobs to explore:

  1. Music teacher

  2. Economist

  3. Ecology expert

  4. Recycling expert

  5. Construction worker

  6. Architect

  7. Carpenter

  8. Doctor

  9. Fireman

  10. Flower shop owner

C. Writing activities:

  1. Write a poem or story about saving our planet.

  2. Write a story, with you as the main character, about you in a performance. It can be real or made up.

  3. Make up a story like Grammy tells. Draw a picture of something in your story.

  4. Write a poem or story about being jealous.

  5. Write a poem or story about shopping.

  6. Write a poem or story about family.

  7. Write a newspaper story about Sassy's show.

  8. Pretend you are Sassy and write a journal entry about being stage manager.

  9. Write a poem or story about the dangers of using up the earth's resources.

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